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The Nightmare Realm

A grand night out! After a couple of years of corona-virus-disrupted goings-on, it was about time we did something together as a practice, so the team arranged a trip....to The Nightmare Realm. I'd never been to this sort of thing before, though various team members had been to Hallowe’en events and “scare rooms”. The idea is that you do something that’s a bit out of your comfort zone, actually well into the discomfort zone, and this certainly hit the spot for the squad. The folks at Nightmare Realm put on an excellent show and I don’t want to spoil it by going into too much detail, because that would take away half the fun…. It’s...

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Princess Diana and Me

What does Stephen Murray and Princess Diana have in common?   Yesterday I blogged about Princess Diana and The Crown and on the one occasion that she came to visit the place where I worked we didn't stop to go and look at her, but I forgot one piece of trivia. And I don't mean that the percussionist on Song for Guy was also occasionally the drummer for The Wombles.* So what does Stephen Murray, principal orthodontist at Swords Orthodontics have in common with Diana Princess of Wales? I might leave the question hang there for a few days and offer a prize to someone who gets it right. More anon, but till then, watch this space.   *Ray Cooper. More often...

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2 Songs, 2 Theatres and a Ballroom

The Crown, Princess Diana and a Song for Guy So, once upon a time, when I was a very junior minion on an oral and maxillo-facial surgery team, Princess Diana visited my hospital. I won’t mention the name of the hospital, suffice to say it was in a town where you’d expect the Royal Family to be quite popular. I was in the middle of an operating theatre, working on an all-day list at the time, presumably helping my boss bolt a broken mandible together or something like that. When you’re “in theatre”, there is an area of the hospital configured for surgical procedures: a “theatre block”. There are ususally a few...

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Orthodontic conversations July 2022

I had a patient with neurosensory issues in last week. We were planning to put the orthodontic braces on his teeth - we call that process "bonding" or a "bond-up". Kid: What are you going to do to me today? Me: Stick the braces on your teeth. Is this going to hurt? Me or you? Me! Is it going to hurt me? No, it's not going to hurt. You're going to have to have your mouth open for a while and your jaw muscles will feel a bit stretched, but it's not going to hurt. It's not like standing on Lego. I'm immune to Lego.   Well, you can't argue with that.  

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Baby friendly recipe ideas

Baby friendly recipe ideas   Here are some quick and easy tasty recipes for your little one. I started Harry with these recipes from about 6/7 months old. The finger food lunch ideas are great for their hand eye coordination and to encourage led weaning.   Egg Muffins Ingredients: 2 large eggs, Handful of spinach, small cherry tomatoes 2-3 copped, ham 2 slices, Cheese 30g Method: Blend up your ham, cheese, spinach in a food blender for about 10 seconds. Chop up your cherry tomatoes. Crack two eggs into a bowl, add in all the ingredients and mix. Add some oil to a muffin tray. Add the mixture to the muffin tray and heat for...

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Tips and advice for a Trip to Paris

I recently went to Paris for the first time. I went for five days and really enjoyed my time there. Here is my experience and my tips and tricks if you are thinking about going yourself. Booking in advance Paris is a very popular tourist spot so even before going on your trip make sure you book what restaurants and attractions that you want to go to and see. E.g When I went to Disneyland, I booked my ticket a month in advance and I’m glad I did as when I attended the park there was signs saying the park is full and you cannot buy a ticket on the day. I also...

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Homemade water mat sensory toy for babies

Homemade water mat sensory toy for babies Sensory toys are perfect for both children and adults and their development. Sensory toys offer the opportunity for children to get engaged and explore their surroundings which is essential to their brain development. Children that are involved in sensory play, engage their senses which helps them develop their ability to grasp concepts and retain information, acquire gross motor skills, and enhance social interactions. When I had my little boy in July, we both attended sensory classes every week and I felt it was a huge benefit to both myself and Harry. (I’ll leave her site below for anyone interested in looking into them) Sensory...

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