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Some tips for healthy skin


Want healthier looking skin? Here are a few  small useful tips to help you achieve a healthier, more glowing complexion:

  • Get a good skincare regime that works for you; There are plenty of skincare products and skincare regime’s out there. Find one that works for you and your skin. This may involve trial and error with some products. Speak to a professional and get advice on what is tailored to your needs.


  • Stay consistent; consistency is key with anything. There is no point going and spending money on good skincare products if you aren’t going to be consistent with your regime, they simply just won’t work!


  • Drink more water; Water can help ...

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What is a Crossbite?

The two crossbites we see the most here at Swords Orthodontics are Incisor crossbites and Molar crossbites.

Incisor crossbite before

Incisor crossbite after

Is it common? The rate of anterior crossbite is 4 to 5 percent according to the Contemporary Clinical Dentistry Journal (2013)

Causes: Usually developmental, but could be as a result of trauma/injury

Presents as/What to look for: The upper front teeth (incisors) sit behind the lower front teeth

Complications: The result of an Incisor crossbite is a bad bite also referred to as malocclusion. This means the teeth are not meeting correctly and that the bite is misaligned. This can result in ...

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HSE Orthodontic Waiting Lists Up To 5 Years

I rarely post things that are political in the blog, but I do occasionally discuss matters relating to dental politics and HSE Orthodontic Waiting lists. I see on the website Kildarestreet.com (where this is taken from, I freely acknowledge and would advise anyone wanting to track the treatment of various topics in the Dáil to look there) that there was this exchange recently on HSE waiting lists.


David Cullinane, a TD for Waterford said in Dáil on Wendesday June 26th, 2019

“I will give the Taoiseach the breakdown of public waiting times for orthodontic treatment in the south east as of today. It is 59 months in Carlow-Kilkenny and ...

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The Next Chapter

College: the next chapter

Completing your leaving certificate is a great achievement and you should be proud of yourself. The summer after your leaving certificate is always a great one for having fun now you don’t have to worry about studying and exams, but college is just around the corner and it can feel very different and daunting for some people, so here are some tips to help you go into your next chapter as a college student.


Always be friendly

Remember there may be some people who have a group of friends going to the same college and there may be people who have one friend who may not be taking the ...

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Top tips for budgeting and saving your money

Saving can be hard to get the hang of. Sometimes the hardest part is just getting in the swing of things and how to start saving in the first place! In this blog I will give some useful tips of how you can budget and start saving a bit of money each week;


1 – Record your expenses; the first step of saving is to find out how much you spend in the first place. Keep track of all of your expenses, write them down and categorize them i.e. household bills, phone bills, food shopping etc.


2- Make a budget; when you have recorded your expenses and have an idea of what ...

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Heading on holiday this summer?Heres our top tips for a worry free holiday while wearing braces!

If you are wearing braces and are planning a holiday this summer (lucky you!), our team Swords Orthodontics would suggest that you be prepared. We put together a list of items that will be handy to have with you at all times while you are away. They include:

  • Interdental brushes (very important you a still using these once a day!)

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