As part of the national response to COVID-19 Coronavirus, the practice is not open for routine orthodontic treatment. Please follow our facebook page, blog, or read our emails for up to date information.
Swords Orthodontics
17 Main St, Swords, Co Dublin, Ireland


Coronavirus response Update

Just a brief update on Swords Orthodontics and our part in the national Covid-19 response

We remain closed for routine orthodontic treatment, but we are still answering emails, and checking the voicemails through out the day. Deliveries to the practice will be accepted by the small crew remaining in the practice while the rest of the team works from home and we will be looking after patients in pain or who have serious problems with their orthodontic treatment as appropriate.

But it's not just about teeth. Given the severity of the problem that Ireland and countries right around the world, it's important to us to contribute to keeping our patients and their ...

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Swords Orthodontics and The Coronavirus Covid-19

On March 16th, I took the decision to close Swords Orthodontics for routine orthodontic treatment as a public health measure in the response to the coronavirus Covid-19.

The choice was a simple one, but simple doesn't mean easy. Open or close, they were the basic options and the pros and cons of each were colossal.

Ultimately though, I felt there was a risk to patients, the public and the practice team if we stayed open. It was safer for every one if we didn't conduct business as usual.

Almost every orthodontist I know has done the same.

We don't know how long the Covid-19 Alert will last, so the duration of the closure is ...

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Mental health awareness and tips

 Mental health awareness and tips


How do you define mental health?

Your mental health refers to you behavioural, physical and emotional health.

Why is good mental health important?

Good mental health is important because it is a crucial part of your life as it effects your emotions, the way you behave, your mind and your thoughts. It is important to have good mental health at all stages throughout your life from childhood to adolescences. Having good mental health can improve your productivity in activities (work, school etc.), it helps us maintain good healthy relationships with family and friends and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Here are some tips to improve your mental health

  1. Get a ...

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Stephen Murray from Swords Orthodontics is interviewed for Dentaltown by Howard Farran

Stephen was interviewed for Dentaltown last week - this is a big deal for Stephen and Swords Orthodontics. Dentaltown is the biggest dentistry-related podcast and blogcast station in the world and they run their own newspapers for dentists and award ceremonies for the industry and the like. There haven't been many Irish dentists on the station (Richard Lee Kin from Mint Clinic has been on) so it was a big honour even to be asked.

Howard and I bump into each other on Twitter now and again, and he invited me a couple of years ago, but I finally ...

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New Continuing Professional Development Rules for Irish Dentists

This evening's Blog is mainly aimed at my colleagues. We're running Dental Photography Bootcamp again in Portmarnock and once again, we went about getting Verifiable Continuing Professional Development (vCPD) approval from the Dental Council of Ireland.

We were informed that the Dental Council is updating its processes for CPD, and although at time of writing its website still uses terms like "verifiable CPD" it will now be differentiating between "STRUCTURED" and "SELF DIRECTED" CPD.

I can't officially speak on behalf of the Dental Council, but I presume the instructions will be going out to Irish Dentists soon, and meantime, here's what I understand about the new instructions for dentists:

  1. you'll need to ...

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Dental Photography Bootcamp Is Back!


Sir, yes, sir, it’s back,sir.

Blood, sweat and tears and better dental photographs.*

Dental Photography Bootcamp 2020

The small group practical workshop to get anyone started with the basics of Dental Photography.

dental photography bootcamp Ireland is back for Spring 2019
Stephen Murray of Swords Orthodontics is recruiting for a new intake at
Dental Photography Bootcamp in April 2020

Why learn:

You think that you need to take more photographs clinically but don’t know where to start, or you’re afraid you’ll get the wrong stuff, or it’ll cost too much


You’re already taking pictures, but you’re not happy with the quality of them


You want to delegate ...

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Irish Dentistry Awards Finalist 2020

Irish Dentistry Awards Winners 2015

Irish Dentistry Awards Finalist 2020


The practice has been shortlisted for four awards at the Irish Dentistry Awards on Saturday 29th of February 2020. To be selected as a finalists is an excellent achievement.

We are finalists in the following categories:

  • Best Team
  • Best Patient Care
  • Practice of the Year
  • Referral Practice

The awards is held in the Manson House where it kicks off with a drink reception and followed by a three course meal. The award ceremony usually starts after the meal.

This will be our 4th time to attend the Irish Dentistry Awards. The atmosphere is always electric.

In 2015 we won Practice of the ...

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