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Looking for Invisalign in Swords, Co Dublin?

Invisalign at Swords Orthodontics - when you don't want to wear braces, but you do want a nicer smile

You might have heard about Invisalign on TV or Radio - they even sponsored a comedy channel at one stage. This is a new approach to straightening teeth to give you a nicer smile. Instead of attaching braces to your teeth directly, a computer makes a series of almost invisible removable appliances (called "aligners") that you can take in and out as needed and they move your teeth to a better position.

You wear these aligners in a special sequence, and they move your teeth. The great thing is that you can take them out to eat, to clean your teeth, and for special occasions, but the rest of the time, the great thing is that they're practically invisible - hence the name.

Not everyone can provide Invisalign treatment - you have to be trained at an approved course to do it, and then you'd be expected to keep up your training at refresher courses. At Swords Orthodontics, we've been certified to provide Invisalign since 2008, and Dr Murray, our Invisalign-providing orthodontist, regularly attends Invisalign study groups in person and online training (webinars) too. We even had one of the international directors of the Invisalign company drop into the practice in January for a morning of tutorials and discussion on planning treatment for patients.

And of course, since Swords Orthodontics is a specialist orthodontic practice where the orthodontists have always been registered with a specialist qualification as well as a general dental qualification, you can be sure that you can discuss all the treatment options that are suitable for you, including alternatives if Invisalign is not suitable.

So if you're looking for Invisalign treatment, particularly in North County Dublin, call us today on 01 810 7622 to find out how we can help you.


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