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What lies beneath: Donald Rumsfeld, Defense Departments and Deep Dentistry

So today, I had to have a medical assessment for an insurance policy.

It was at Meridian Healthcare in Blanchardstown - I was very impressed at the care and attention from Dr Claire Cunningham and her nursing and admin colleagues. There was a multi-lead ECG connected to me while I walked on a treadmill that got faster and faster and steeper and steeper until I approached my maximum heart rate, there were also eye exams, height and weight measurements and various blood tests that were taken from me quite painlessly by a very skilled nurse. But the most unusual test for me, the one that stuck with me most was the ...

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The Smiles of 2018

I am an android sort of guy.

I do own an iPod. It's apparently an iPod Classic, but when I got it, it was just called an iPod.

I love my iPod. But it isn't as good as the Creative Zen MP3 player it replaced.

But that's it for me and Apple for the time being.


I am an android sort of guy. I presume some of you are too

So imagine my surprise and concern when Google sends me a video called Smiles of 2018 and wants to know if I want to save it.

Smiles of 2018  is a compilation of the in-focus pictures I took on my phone that involve people smiling. I'm a dentist, ...

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The greatest rapper of all time* died on March 9th....

….but the greatest rocker of all time died on January 4th.

Most people who know me, know I am a big fan of Thin Lizzy and their leader, Philip Lynott. They were probably the first Irish rock band to make a big impact internationally, performing and recording from around 1970 to 1983. Over that time they made a dozen studio albums, a couple of live albums and Lynott made a few solo albums that were very different to the music he made with Thin Lizzy. By modern standards, that is a tremendous output, even more so when you consider the intensity of their touring at the time, but what is remarkable ...

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A smile is a story in itself

...or at least the title of a chapter in the story.

Santa likes to smile, do you?
Santa always has a smile, do you?

Imagine there is one toy you needed to buy for Christmas, and the last shop you go into at 5pm on Christmas Eve has one left when you get there. What sort of smile would you smile?

The same smile as the child that opens that present? 

Or the smile you have when you watch them open it?

smiles and champagne
Which comes first, the smiles or the champagne.


The smiles when your friends and relatives visit at ...

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What does an Ideal Bite look like?

Many patients are referred to an orthodontist by their family dentist because of issues with their bite. We instinctively know a good smile but what does an ideal bite really look like? The best way to describe a healthy bite it is by looking at it from three different views.

Front on

The front view is what you'll see first when you look in the mirror.

The edges of the upper front teeth should run parallel the top of the lower lip.

If the upper teeth are too long, you'll show too much gum tissue when you smile and make you look 'gummy'.

If they're too short, you won't show enough tooth and that ...

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Orthodontics Waiting Lists in Ireland Increased

Hi there, haven't blogged in ages for Swords Orthodontics, but we haven't been idle! Dr Stephen Murray is now on the council of the Orthodontics Society of Ireland (he's the secretary) and has been at meetings and organising conference calls for them and for the Smile Revolution, who you'll be hearing more about next month.

We're still buzzing from our win at the Irish Dentistry Awards where we got the prize for Dublin Practice of the Year - apparently we were in the dental magazine, but our copy hasn't arrived here in Swords yet so Dr Murray was getting congratulations from other dentists he knows but didn't know how they knew.

Anyway, ...

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Irish Dentistry's Practice of the Year Dublin 2015

...and the winner is...

Swords Orthodontics won the 2015 Irish Dentistry's Practice of the Year award for Dublin, and we were delighted

We were delighted to be declared Irish Dentistry's Practice of the Year Dublin 2015 - this happened at the Mansion House Dublin on January 30th and it was one of the last awards announced on the night. Earlier, we'd been highly commended as Irish Dentistry's Best Employer but nothing had prepared us for the announcement that we'd won this massive award. 

Swords Orthodontics were at the event and as usual all dressed up for ...

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