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Swords Orthodontics at Invisalign expert talk in Dublin

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Swords Orthodontics got their Invisalign promotional month off to a great start with Dr Stephen Murray attending a special day of lectures and demonstrations from Dr Donna Galante, a very popular and widely respected Invisalign expert from California. There was a group of specialist orthodontists from all over the country at this and it was well received by everyone interested in providing better clear braces treatment for their patients using the Invisalign system. Dr Galante was planning to also take a few days of sight seeing in Ireland before returning to her practice in Rocklin, near Sacramento.

Dr Donna Galante and a group of Irish orthodontists at her Invisalign talk in Dublin
Dr Donna Galante (centre) and a group of Irish orthodontists at her Invisalign talk in Dublin
- Dr Stephen Murray is to her right in front row

The Invisalign presentation was very informative and Dr Murray is very keen to be able to use some of the tips and techniques he learned over the day in the near future. Apart from being almost invisible and able to straighten out smiles without people noticing, other benefits include

  • fewer scheduled visits compared to fixed metal braces, and fewer breakages, both of which lead to less disruption to the patient (and their parents if the patient is a child) and less time off work or school or both if a parent needs to leave work to collect a child from school and take them to see their orthodontist.
  • easier to get used to
  • less discomfort is reported when a patient wears elastics between one jaw and another
  • easier to keep the teeth clean
  • easier to speak
  • easier to wear mouthguards and gumshields

And don't forget - for the month of October 2014, 
Swords Orthodontics is offering €500 off the regular price for our full Invisalign treatment,
and a free initial consultation to assess your suitability for this form of treatment.

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