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Late Afternoon

Late Afternoon

I was on the flight to the annual meeting of the American Association of Orthodontists. It’s probably the biggest event in the orthodontics world. This year it’s in Los Angeles California.

There was a selection of TV shows and Movies you could watch –which is good as I like to be distracted while flying – and flicking through them I saw a listing for an animated short film that was made in Galway City, about vampires.

I used to work in Galway and knew a few animators at the time. I probably knew some vampires as well, just wasn't aware of it. They’d even been nominated for the Oscars (the animators that is, not the vampires) and went to LA themselves for it – the biggest event in the movies world (but they got beaten by PIXAR).

As it turned out this afternoon’s film wasn’t made by them, and it didn’t seem to have anything to do with vampires. But it was a fabulous film about family and going through life and getting older and everyone should watch it.

It’s called “Late Afternoon” and was made by Cartoon Saloon with Louise Bagnall directing.

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