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Reasons why you should take time off for holidays

Holidays can be at any time of the year - not necessarily just during the summer. We are all guilty of letting 'life' take over our time. Many people are juggling different day to day activities be it work, college, having a family, meeting up with friends and things can all get very busy!

There are many reasons why we need to take time away from work to unwind and relax - and here they are!

You will be healthier

By not giving yourself some "me" time you are not giving your body physically and mentally time to unwind and relax, you'll be putting yourself under more pressure and more at a risk of becoming stressed. Stress can lead onto other health complications - i.e. depression. It is so important to balance out time for yourself as well as your day to day activities!

Helps you be more productive

By taking breaks and holidays it can actually improve your productivity. You might think taking time off will set you back and you will have a backlog of work to come back to but research shows that taking time off with increase your creativity within the workplace! Therefore it actually benefits your quality of work by taking the break - go enjoy it!

Quality time with family and friends

We all get caught in a rut and find ourselves texting our friends or family saying "we must meet up, it’s been ages" Holiday days can give us time to catch up with our family and friends and to uplift our mood after a stressful period in work.

Balance is key

Balancing work and life can be hard at times and we can all fall into a hole of constant work and we nearly forget to make time for the "little things" in life. Balancing work and personal life can have such a positive effect on a person - it gives you some motivation to work harder and improves the quality of your work. You will feel happier both at work and within yourself!


"Choose to focus your time, energy and conversation around people who inspire you, support you and help you to grow you into your happiest, strongest, wisest self." - Karen Salmansohn



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