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Autumn Offer on Invisalign Treatment at Swords Orthodontics

Indeed, there is a special offer on Invisalign treatment running through October 2014 - call Swords Orthodontics today at the number at the top of the page to find out more.

Is any of this true:

  • You're unhappy with way your teeth look?
  • You have gaps between your teeth?
  • Your teeth don't meet the way they should?
  • You had orthodontics in the past and didn't wear your retainers and things have moved a bit?
  • You'd like your teeth to be straighter?
  • You don't actually want to wear braces?

Well, we can help you. One of the ways we might be able to help you is Invisalign, the revolutionary new way of straightening teeth without metal braces stuck to your teeth or big chunks of plastic and wires in your mouth. This is the clear brace of legend and for a limited time, it's available at a very special price in Swords Orthodontics as part of our Autumn offer.

This treatment is based around a clear plastic "aligner" sleeve that fits around your teeth. It's completely removable for special occasions, cleaning, eating, serious sports that sort of thing. Then you put it back in, and it continues straightening your teeth. After a couple of weeks, you put a new one in and the treatment progresses a bit more and so on.

The big advantages of this treatment are:

  • It's practically invisible
  • You can take it out to clean your teeth as thoroughly as you can
  • You can speak normally with it

and that means:

  • Most people hardly notice you're straightening your teeth
  • You can live your life pretty much as normal while doing it
  • You can look after your teeth as effectively as possible 

It's true that we do Invisalign treatments for models and fashion celeb people, but most of our Invisalign patients have very conventional jobs in the everyday world - teachers, lawyers, salesmen, bank staff, office workers and so on. They want straight teeth too, they just want to do it with clear braces.

And we treat men as well as women. Plenty of guys want a nicer smile, and they do want their teeth to look better, but they'd rather not draw attention to either fact - so Invisalign would be a very useful solution for them.

And for October 2014, we're offering €500 off full Invisalign treatments

...and there's a free consultation to find out if it's the right treatment for you.

If you want to find out more about how Swords Orthodontics can help you with Invisalign, call us today on 01 810 7622 and ask about our free consultation and our October offer.

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