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Top tips for being prepared for Christmas


How early is TOO early to prepare for Christmas? – NEVER!

Usually as soon as Halloween us over with – the Halloween decorations come down and the Christmas decorations go up! Sometimes this even comes around earlier each year. Planning ahead for Christmas is always good for saving money and creating less stress around you. Even though not everyone is in festive spirit for Christmas, being prepared for it always pays off.

Top tips for being prepared for Christmas;


  1. Write a list; write down a list of the people you are getting presents for – if you have an idea of what you want to get a particular person, put it beside their name. It can help with the preparations.
  2. Budget; Set yourself a budget of what is affordable to you. Once you know how many people you need to get presents for, then mark out a budget for each individual and their gift. Take into consideration yourself in the budget and what you may need for the coming months to still have an affordable lifestyle over the Christmas period.
  3. Save the dates; Everything gets a lot more hectic coming up to Christmas and there always seems to be social events on. So put dates in your calendar of the things coming up so things don’t slip your mind or you don’t double book yourself.
  4. Book appointments in advance; As people’s social lives get busier at Christmas time your beautician’s and hairdresser’s and their appointments also get much busier. Book your appointments well in advance to avoid disappointment!
  5. Shop earlier rather than later; The earlier you shop the less stressed you will be. Have a date to have all of your presents by and have them wrapped and under the tree all ready for the big day!
  6. Don’t leave online orders too late; To avoid deliveries not being here on time make sure you order them early and keep an eye on the delivery service!

Planning ahead early will give you more time to relax and spend it with the people who matter most to you!

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