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The Smiles of 2018

I am an android sort of guy.

I do own an iPod. It's apparently an iPod Classic, but when I got it, it was just called an iPod.

I love my iPod. But it isn't as good as the Creative Zen MP3 player it replaced.

But that's it for me and Apple for the time being.


I am an android sort of guy. I presume some of you are too

So imagine my surprise and concern when Google sends me a video called Smiles of 2018 and wants to know if I want to save it.

Smiles of 2018  is a compilation of the in-focus pictures I took on my phone that involve people smiling. I'm a dentist, but I do take other pictures. Thousands. Google has managed to identify the particular feature of a human smile on my photos, select the ones I am most likely to like (out of a few thousand) and present them to me. These aren't just photos of my friends - some of them are singers in rock concerts. They even thoughtfully put some music to it while I watch them.

Yeah, I thought it was a bit creepy too.

But I saved it, because it was cool.

So think of how many people are saving a Smiles of 2018  this week that features you.

Is it a smile you'd like preserved for eternity on the cloud?




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