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Movember Day Ten

Movember Day Ten

Whilst at the Excellence in Orthodontics conference yesterday an interesting comment was made by the speakers, Nigel Harradine and David Birnie. People in this country, and the western world generally are living longer than ever before*, and there are dental concerns connected to this.

People need to hang on to the teeth for longer. Yes, it's possible to get artificial teeth, and as a profession, dentists are getting better and better at making them, but by and large people do better nutritionally if they keep their own teeth longer.

Orthodontists can play a part in this in many ways, but the primary one is to learn the best techniques available to reduce the amount of teeth that need to be removed  (extracted) to get the best orthodontic result, and this was re-inforced during the Excellence conference.

*(although there has been some concern as to whether the prevalence of obesity will affect this - even more reason to have a healthy diet)

We should have a Movember update for you by tomorrow. Meantime we have a new Movember face hair icon, with an attainable Mo, I think, that's neatly enhanced by a wise choice of hat and suitable company like bikers/builders/Indian Chiefs etc.

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