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Different types of Invisalign treatment

There are 3 different types of Invisalign treatment, so obviously this would depend on the age of the patient, the patient types are as follows Adult, Teen and Child. Once we have chosen the patient type, we can then choose what package you are suitable for depending on the dentition and complexity of the treatment. 

-Invisalign comprehensive package is 5 years unlimited additional aligners

-Invisalign lite package is up to 14 aligners and 2 sets of additional aligners

-Invisalign express package is up to 7 aligners and 1 set of additional aligners

The orthodontist will assess your teeth and then they will decide on which option is suitable for you. Each package has a different fee which would be given to you at your consultation appointment.  

Invisalign is a system that uses clear plastic aligners to straighten the teeth rather than metal/ceramic fixed braces. The aligners are then worn over the teeth and are removable. Each one of these aligners are specially made to fit your teeth only and to move your teeth into the correct position according to the treatment plan that our orthodontists will create on a computer.

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