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A smile is a story in itself

...or at least the title of a chapter in the story.

Santa likes to smile, do you?
Santa always has a smile, do you?

Imagine there is one toy you needed to buy for Christmas, and the last shop you go into at 5pm on Christmas Eve has one left when you get there. What sort of smile would you smile?

The same smile as the child that opens that present? 

Or the smile you have when you watch them open it?

smiles and champagne
Which comes first, the smiles or the champagne.


The smiles when your friends and relatives visit at Christmas?

What about the same smile you have after a great Christmas dinner? Is that different if you were the one cooking the dinner as opposed to the person eating the dinner? Or watching the people smiling after eating the dinner you cooked?

Or the smile you have when you see a video of East 17 singing "Stay Another Day"?

smiling couple
Christmas has plenty of smiles,
but smiles aren't just for Christmas

But is that the same smile you have when you find a child missing in a shop during the sales?

The same smile when you run to the departure gate just to make your plane before they close boarding for it?


Is that the same smile when your scratchcard lets you win enough money to buy another scratchcard? What if it was enough of a prize to buy a car?

The smile on a blind date is different to the smiles at a wedding.

So many different smiles to be smiled.

Smiles are the pictures in your stories.

Perhaps they are the stories.

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