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Swords Orthodontics Top 10 of 2014

Swords Orthodontics at Run A Muck Challenge


Well the new year is well under way, but in the grand tradition of all those TV shows you get around Christmas and January, I felt we could hardly begin the year’s blogging without winding up the year that has passed.

Fortunately we don’t have a video montage of team members that have died during the year, but there have been many remarkable events in the Swords Ortho calendar. It would be a shame if we just ploughed on with day to day work and we didn’t reflect on them, if we didn’t think about how they made us smile at the time – and how these things will affect us in the year ahead.

10: The Run A Muck Challenge

Swords Orthodontics had a grand day out in October at the Run A Muck obstacle course. This was the first day out with the team for Bogdan, our new orthodontic technician, and it involved running for miles across country, through fields of disorientating 2m high corn, wading in chest high cold water, scrambling under cargo nets, over cargo nets, swinging across ditches on ropes and mud, mud, mud.

Swords Orthodontics run amock at Run A Muck

At the end, there was a team with a power hose to spray us down and we munched on a few slices of watermelon. We had a good wash before turning back up on Monday to treat our patients!

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