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Orthodontic conversations July 2022

I had a patient with neurosensory issues in last week. We were planning to put the orthodontic braces on his teeth - we call that process "bonding" or a "bond-up". Kid: What are you going to do to me today? Me: Stick the braces on your teeth. Is this going to hurt? Me or you? Me! Is it going to hurt me? No, it's not going to hurt. You're going to have to have your mouth open for a while and your jaw muscles will feel a bit stretched, but it's not going to hurt. It's not like standing on Lego. I'm immune to Lego.   Well, you can't argue with that.  

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Food to avoid with fixed braces on

There are many hard, crunchy, sticky and chewy food to avoid with braces on as they can cause parts of the brace to break and come off. These foods include: Hard sweets e.g Toffee, Caramels, Boiled sweets, chewing gum. Alternative option would be chocolate but let it melt in the mouth of break off with your hand and chew using the back teeth. Hard breads e.g French baguette, crust on toast, crust on pizza, garlic bread. Alternative option would be a soft wrap and to avoid as best as you can to eat the crust on toast and pizza or cut it up into small piece and use the back teeth. Apple, pears and...

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It’s that time of the year again- all the kids are back to school!! If you’re going back to school with braces, here are some tips and reminders to help you keep on track of taking care of your braces and improve your smile. Eat Braces Friendly Food When you wear braces, there are certain types of food you’ll need to avoid. These include sticky, chewy and hard foods. Also, drink lots and lots of water! Drinking water is not only important for your overall health, it also benefits your dental health. We recommend students take a water bottle with them to school so they can drink water throughout the day. The...

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The National Oral Health Policy and the Irish Dental Association

The Department of Health released its new National Oral Health Policy a few weeks ago. Smileagusslainte is the hashtag they're using. There was an announcement, a public appearance from the Minister of Health, Simon Harris, some tweeting and then everyone went back to whatever they were doing beforehand. I made a few comments directed at the Department of Health and none of them were answered. If you go through the coverage on twitter, the social media often used for news and reportage there is very little obvious threading on it. I know it's not a hot topic, but it does or it will actually involve practically all of the population in...

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Conversations: Week 12, March 2019

Stephen Murray has never tickled a sleeping dragon Michelle: Now, that’s your braces all off. Does it feel different? Patient: Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. It feels so weird. That’s so weird, that’s so weird. Oh my God. Michelle: I’ll show you your teeth now, here’s a mirror. Patient: Oh my God, they’re so straight. They’re straight, they’re amazing, that’s amazing. Ah. May. Zing. Oh my God, thank you , thank you, that’s amazing. Thank you. Do you have a picture of what they used to look like at the start? Michelle: Yes, here’s a picture of what your teeth looked like at the beginning. Patient: Oh my God, I can’t believe...

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Conversations: Week 10, March 2019

Parent: "My son's brace is broken again. I am not happy with this, that's the third time and the braces are only on 3 weeks. I don't think you've done a very good job here" Swords Orthodontist: "What happened when the bracket came off?" Patient: "Well I was eating a (insert well known brand name here) mint and it got stuck between my tooth and the wire of the brace so I tried to push it out of the way with the tooth brush and the bracket came off". Parent: "He didn't tell me that." Swords Orthodontist: "Do you remember when you got the braces on, and we gave you a list of foods that...

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Stress and Oral health

We all go through experiences in life that make us stressed. Some of which can be the lead up to big exams, making a big life change or something as small as trying something new. Stress can cause us to be tired, feel groggy and even miss out on sleep but what many people do not know is that it can have a major effect on our oral health too.   Keeping your oral health in check during these stressful times is very important, as it can prevent: Swollen gingiva - which is when your gums can become very red, inflamed and sore. You might notice your gums tend to bleed while brushing. Most...

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