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Conversations: First week back, January 2019

"Happy New Year!"
"And the same to yourself!"

"I see we haven't seen you since March last year, that's 10 months since you last orthodontic appointment"
"I know, I've been busy."
"You know, you're meant to see us more often than that - if we don't see you regularly the treatment doesn't go as fast as it should."
"I know, I should have seen you earlier."

"Any problems with the braces?"
"Yeah, one of the brackets broke off, so I had to take some of the brace off and put it back on myself."
"You know, you shouldn't really try to do adjustments on the brace yourself."
"I know, it took me a day and a half to do it."
"But if you have a problem, you should give us a call. We have the right tools to fix the braces, it might just have taken me a minute and a half - and been safer."

"OK, I've had a closer look and I see you've broken another attachment on the other side of your mouth and another one on the other jaw, you probably didn't notice them because they aren't too loose. I'll need to fix those as well. I'd also advise you to brush your teeth more carefully - especially around the braces and where the teeth and the gums meet."

"Well, the good news is that the teeth are still fitting together well and that twisted tooth has enough space now to straighten out. But we haven't seen you in nearly a year, and every time we do see you, something has broken on the brace and needs fixed so you're not making much progress toward finishing with a good result."
"OK. Actually that reminds me, do you know when it'll all be finished?"


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