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Swords Orthodontics Top 10 of 2014: One

So here it is, the highlight of the Swords Orthodontics year in 2014.

Just to recap on the countdown....

  • Run A Muck Challenge
  • Prize Giving at Fingallians GAA club
  • Michelle is selected to become one of Ireland's first Orthodontic Therapists
  • Bogdan joins the practice
  • Courtlough Team Building Day
  • The Swords Orthodontics Trip to Kilkenny
  • Swords Orthodontics in the finals of the Irish Dentistry Awards
  • Swords Orthodontics heads to New Orleans for the AAO 2014
  • Dr Marie O'Neill joins practice and adds oral surgery to our range of specialist services

....and there were various things that didn't just make the top 10, like our winter training lecture series for dentists and Dr Murray becoming the honorary secretary of the Orthodontics Society of Ireland, Brenda's certification in internet skills that help the practice communicate with the outside world, and social events like a wedding for one of our team, but the highest highlight was:

Courtney completes her dental nurse training

Swords Orthodontics was delighted that Courtney completed her dental nurse training in 2014

I think this was the main event because it demonstrated the best values of Swords Orthodontics. It involved a member of the team at Swords Orthodontics identifying an area they would like to improve their skills in, working hard and putting in their own time to achieve something that would benefit the practice ultimately, and being supported by the practice through it, and eventually completing a recognised programme and meeting an objective grade, and receiving an industry standard qualification. Courtney is the third member of the team to have completed formal training and qualification in dental nursing while working at the practice, and like her predecessors, she has become an exceptionally talented member of the clinical team and is still working hard at the front end of the practice as well as behind the scenes to keep the practice safe and healthy for our patients and the rest of the team.

Courtney joins Michelle and Brenda as the newest qualified nurse on the clinical team at Swords Orthodontics

So, congratulations to Courtey and without further delay

Roll on 2015!


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