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Hiking in Ireland

Ireland is a small country with some beautiful landscapes. Hiking is an excellent way of working out and enjoying the scenery along with it. Going on a hike you should;


  • Start small; Beginners who start off hiking should always start off walking a shorter distance and then gradually build it up. You will soon get an idea of what distance you can walk.
  • Look up the route; The best thing to do when going on a hike is to know where you are going and to give you an indication of the trail. Have a look of it on the may – screenshot it and save it to your images as a guide.
  • Look up the weather forecast; To dress appropriately for your hike always check the weather forecast. As we know the weather forecast in Ireland is so unpredictable so make sure you check it right up to before you leave and ensure you’ve all the necessary essentials for the day ahead.
  • Wear the right shoes and socks; There would be nothing worse on a hike for your feet to start hurting you. Make sure you wear the appropriate foot wear, even bring a spare pair of socks and plasters just to be extra prepared!
  • Pack the essentials; Pack the essentials that you would need on your hike. I.e. - Water and a snack, very important! Sun protection, a light, a small first aid kit, navigation, extra clothing etc. ALWAYS be prepared.
  • Keep it light; Although you need to pack the essentials, you also need to pack a light bag so it doesn’t make the hike even harder for you. Get travel sized items or pack lightweight essentials.
  •  Now that’s a few good tips for when you go hiking and here is a list of some good scenic mountain trails in Ireland;


Slieve Foy, Co. Louth

Diamond Hill Loop, Galway

Mount Brandon, Co. Kerry

Croaghaun, Co. Mayo

Mount Errigal, Donegal


Enjoy and happy hiking!

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