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The Orthodontic Dictionary

The Orthodontic Dictionary


"what's that" and "what does that mean" are words we hear alot of from patients and parents in the dental clinic. Here is a list of words we most frequently get asked about and their meaning.



Arch ...

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My Brace Journey

Almost 2 years to the day I finally got my braces taken off. I am here today to fill you in about my experience with braces. So if you are thinking about getting braces or just curious about them this blog should answer your questions.

As you can tell from my before picture my teeth were overcrowded so the first thing I had to do was to get 2 upper teeth taken out. I was a bit nervous about this part to be honest but it was over so fast and I didn’t feel any pain. Then a week later I was back to get my braces on which took about ...

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Winter is coming

Winter is coming - arm yourself with knowledge!


Winter is coming. Arm yourself, arm yourself with knowledge. I came up with this coat of arms and motto in the style of a well known TV series to sum up the Swords Ortho approach - wisdom and smiles.

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Team Building, Swords Orthodontics Style

Taking aim at the Swords Orthodontics Team Building Day, June 2014

Swords Orthodontics organised a team building day for dentists and staff from 4 local practices on 7th June 2014. We had ten participants and the location was the Xtreme.ie centre near Balbriggan. The day consisted of various activities, mainly involving being ...

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Up and away for AAO 2014 - New Orleans, here we come

View From Above – North Atlantic and New York

So it’s time for the biggest orthodontics conference on earth – the American Association of Orthodontists annual meeting, AAO 2014. This year it’s in New Orleans and since I can’t get a direct flight there, I am headed via New York and there was a great view out of the window of the plane of icebergs, Nova Scotia, and the Manhattan Skyline. Sadly it was a bit of a cloudy day, but the outline of some of the world's most famous buildings was clear to everyone.


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View from Above – Dublin

Orthodontists seem to enjoy getting to the top of high buildings. After my Invisalign conference in London where we ended up at the top of a tower looking down at the Houses of Parliament and the Tate Gallery, I was surprised to find that a couple of weeks later a different group of Irish Orthodontists were up at the top of our conference hotel at Grand Canal Docks. 

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