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Tips for an amateur MUA

In September 2016 I did a part-time makeup course with Vanity X makeup academy in Swords which lasted for 12 weeks. I attended on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6.30-9.30pm, I had written exams and practical exams - my overall result was marked on these and my attendance to each class.  We all had to do a portfolio and take before and after photos of all of our makeup applications on our family and friends. we got homework every evening and this was everything that we had to put into our portfolio and also went towards our overall result. The first day I started the course I received a makeup brush set, Inglot setting powder, brown and black Inglot eyeshadows, Inglot blush, Inglot bronzer and an Inglot primer. We also received a list of products we’d need throughout the course. During the course you learnt about skin care analysis, hygiene and sterilization, eye shadow placement and blending techniques, different makeup looks, lash application and so much more! We were given a textbook and there were demo’s in most classes and then we were given a few hours to practice on each other! I personally didn’t do this course to become a makeup artist or ‘MUA’ but to just take home a few tips to apply my own makeup better. It is a task that takes a lot of creativity and practice to do and there are some incredibly talented makeup artists around these days! Here are a few makeup tips I learnt over the duration of my course;

Get yourself a good Skin care regime

Being able to apply makeup is all good and well however having good skin in the process with make the makeup application a lot easier! My advice would be to book in for a skincare consultation with a professional and get a skincare regime that works for you.

Clean your makeup brushes regularly

Not only is cleaning your makeup brushes important for hygiene reasons but also for your makeup application. Your makeup with go on much easier and smoother with a clean brush! I use baby shampoo to clean my brushes and surgical spirits mixed with water to sterilize them. I would advise to clean your makeup brushes at least once a week.

Always prime your skin

Priming your skin before any makeup application is vital. Priming your face will prevent your makeup from getting stuck in the crease and caking up, especially around the side of your nose and chin.

Know your skin type

You should know your own kind type – this will help you to know what type of beauty products you should be using, i.e. If you have oily skin a matte foundation is ideal for oil control along with a setting powder. A skincare professional can inform you of your skin type.

‘Blending’ technique

When you apply eye shadow to your eyes it is so important to blend them out. Every person has a different eye shape and colour, once you know what colours will enhance the eye it is important that they are blended out well especially when you have more than one colour involved. My advice would be to get three or four good blending brushes – morphe and crownbrush are good brands and are reasonably priced. I would use a transition shade to blend out my shadows, this usually is the lightest shade out of colours that you use and is the first shade used on the lid.

Follow MUA’s on social media for inspiration

There is some amazingly talented makeup artist that offer some great ideas and inspo on social media. Most MUA’s have tutorials on their social media which can help you in your makeup application, they also give good advice about products and different techniques! A couple of my favorite MUA’s would be:


  • Jessica Corbally
  • Robyn Byrne
  • Tia Duffy
  • Olivia Murphy
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