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From Swords to New Orleans to learn new Invisalign techniques

So once the American Association of Orthodontists' conference (AAO 2014) got underway in New Orleans, we were presented with a great opportunity - to meet the area's top Invisalign operator, Dr Gotsegen. The Swords Ortho team and another Irish orthodontist (who's also a member of the Smile Revolution specialist group) met up with the local Invisalign team who were also at the AAO at their own exhibition stand and we headed out to Dr Gotsegen's practice.

Swords Orthodontics rendezvous at the Invisalign exhibition at the AAO 2014 in New OrleansAAO 2014 New Orleans had a huge Invisalign exhibit, where Swords Orthodontics met up with another Smile Revolution orthodontist

Although Swords Ortho has been using Invisalign to straighten smiles since 2008, we're still keen to learn new techniques and applications for the system - which is one of the reasons we formed the Smile Revolution group - and this was a super chance to learn from an experienced specialist Invisalign provider.

Team Swords Orthodontics learning new Invisalign ideas on their practice visit to Dr Gotsegen during the AAO 2014 

On the visit we met Dr Gotsegen and his team - he's a cheerful and very conscientious orthodontist leading an experienced and motivated team (which is pretty much what we have in Swords Ortho, so it's nice to see that this approach works). He gave us some great insights into a few tips and tweaks to get better results from Invisalign treatment, and I was eager to try them out!

So the most recent Invisalign patients that we have started will have these innovations added to their treatment plans - I'll let you know how we get on!

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