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Team Building, Swords Orthodontics Style Part 2

Swords Orthodontics arranged a team building event in June 2014, which was attended by dentists and teams from 4 local practices. Here's a video of the some of the day's highlights.

Normally we work on helping patients smile, but it was a bit of a change to make dentists, dental hygienists and dental nurses smile. It was definitely a new thing to hear them shriek! But everyone kept going and had a great time. We'll be back to normal dental activities on Monday morning.

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As part of Phase One of the National Reopening, Swords Orthodontics is now resuming routine orthodontic treatment.
There will be a few differences in how we do this specifically to deal with coronavirus, but you'll still be getting great orthodontic treatment.
We'll be in touch to reorganise your appointments, please don't attend without an appointment.