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My Broken Rib: Day 4

Much more painful than any of the preceding days. I might put some of this down to not taking my night time medication the previous night. I felt like a high altitude climber with low oxygen taking ages just to put my socks on. – and that was excruciating to do. By the time I was fully dressed I was really in pain and surprised about it.

Things hadn’t calmed down much after breakfast, but eventually settled as the day went on. This was my first attempt at driving since the fracture. Driving itself wasn’t a problem, but getting into and out of the car involved enough torso-twisting to make it a problem. I had to start thinking about how to do something I’d be doing unconsciously for the better part of half a century. I’d sit down on the seat and my head would be outside the door frame – I was clearly taking a completely different position on the seat.

One of the items on the small print on my papers from attending VHI Swiftcare Swords was that I could attend again if related to the same condition within 72 hours at no extra charge, so I motored down to get checked to see if I was on the mend or if anything had gone off course and also to get some forms sorted out for insurance.

I arrived – without appointment - to be advised I might be waiting an hour, but it turned out to be only a fraction of that. The doctor attending introduced himself in true Dr Phil Hammond style – “My name is…”

I can only figure these guys have had some training beyond the medical stuff. It was a well-run show.

While waiting for a form to get filled out, I had a chat with the A+E consultant directing things about their resuscitation training and the schedule for simulated practice. This was fresh in my mind after doing a day of Medical Emergency Training with the Irish Dental Association the previous weekend in Galway.

Tea this evening was Malai Kofta from Indie Spice as a take-away. Deliciously indulgent once again.

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