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Training Day

This week we had a training day with Ashley Latter provided by Invisalign. We learnt all about how to create a memorable first impression with new patients and also creating good relationships with our existing patients. Here at Swords Ortho we feel we try our best to create a calm welcoming atmosphere to all our patients. 

Ashley’s first step that he finds most important is building a rapport with potential patients. Our front of house team member Emma has the most important role in the practice, Emma welcomes each patient to the practice and she is also the first line of communication when patients call the practice. 

On Tuesday we learnt all about how to communicate with the patient trying to find out their needs and solve these first. It’s all about listening and solving the problem rather than filling the patient with all the facts and information that they don’t really understand. We do the same procedures day in day out but for the individual patient it is their first consult or it is their first discussion about braces so we need to make sure we listen to the patient’s individual needs.

We did a lot of role play, for example putting one of the team members as the patient asking the questions and another team member answering them. From this we got to see where we went wrong and how to answer certain questions our patients might ask.

As a practice we like to attend these lectures as much as we can to make sure we are up to date on our communication skills.

We hope we stand out from the competition and provide each patient with a memorable experience and a new smile they can be confident about.

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