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Orthodontic education leads Dr Stephen Murray from Swords to Brussels

The Square Conference Centre Brussels, home for the Brussels Bollards orthodontics course

The Belgian Connection

When you're a specialist orthodontist, there's a responsibility to keep up to date with new types of treatment in orthodontics, and to make sure you review the current ones. As a result of that, the Swords Orthodontics team and myself spend many days every year learning new things (and practising some old ones).

The ABC of ortho...

We see hundreds of patients every year, from Applewood to Balbriggan to Clontarf and beyond, and a few in particular with a similar problem have stood out over the last 12 months. While at the European Orthodontic Conference in Reykjavik in 2013, I attended a lecture by Belgian orthodontic professor Hugo de Clerck and watched him present a series of patients with similar problems. His results were very encouraging, using an innovative approach, so I had to go and learn more about this technique directly and headed to Belgium for his "Brussels Bollards" course.

The details are a bit technical, and since they're really only relevant to the patients that need it, I won't really be going into them here. Instead I'll put up a post or two to show what a great place it is for a weekend if you weren't at orthodontic lectures.

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