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Getting the Most out of your Invisalign Treatment

When you are getting Invisalign at Swords Orthodontics, we view your treatment as an investment in a new smile and better oral health. Like any investment, Invisalign takes time and care to get the best result. While you are going through your Invisalign treatment, it is important to not only keep your teeth really clean, but you should also carefully clean your Invisalign aligners as well. To help our Invisalign patients get the most out of Invisalign treatment, here are a few tips.

Wear them for at Least 22 Hours a Day

Invisalign works by constantly keeping pressure on your teeth to gently move them to their desired place, but it only works if you wear them consistently. Our orthodontists here at Swords Orthodontics recommend wearing your Invisalign aligners as much as possible, only removing them to eat, drinking anything but water and brushing your teeth. Wearing them as often as possible will give you the fastest results and a quicker treatment time. You should wear the aligners for 22 hours a day at a minimum.


Keep your Swords Ortho Travel Toothbrush handy!

When going through Invisalign treatment, you have to remove your Invisalign aligners before eating and then brush your teeth before putting them back in. Having to brush your teeth every time can become tricky, especially if you are out of the house and don't have a way to clean your teeth. We recommend all our patients keep our travel sized toothbrush with them wherever they are. We will give you this travel toothbrush when your first start your treatment with us.  

Clean Your Invisalign Aligners Every Weekly

Keeping your aligners clean is almost as important as keeping your teeth clean. If they are not properly taken care of, your aligners can begin to get a build-up of bacteria. Cleaning your aligners is easy, here’s our tips:




Cleaning your aligners with cold water and your toothbrush will get rid of any bacteria that has built up on your aligner


Cleaning tablets are perfect for Invisalign aligners because they allow for a full cleaning and don’t damage the aligners. We recommend using ‘retainer brite’ to clean your aligners. Just drop the tablet into a glass of water and let your aligners sit in it for approximately 10 minutes. Your aligners will be clean and bacteria-free. Do this once a week and you’ll have sparkling clean aligners!



If you are researching straightening your teeth with Invisalign or another orthodontic treatment like fixed braces contact us today on 018107622- we’ll be delighted to see you for a free initial assessment.


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