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Coronavirus response Update

Just a brief update on Swords Orthodontics and our part in the national Covid-19 response

We remain closed for routine orthodontic treatment, but we are still answering emails, and checking the voicemails through out the day. Deliveries to the practice will be accepted by the small crew remaining in the practice while the rest of the team works from home and we will be looking after patients in pain or who have serious problems with their orthodontic treatment as appropriate.

But it's not just about teeth. Given the severity of the problem that Ireland and countries right around the world, it's important to us to contribute to keeping our patients and their families healthy (and the same goes for our team and their families). That's why we took the tough decision 2 weeks ago to suspend normal operations at Swords Ortho. Following the new government guidelines issued on Friday 27th, the nature of orthodontic emergency treatments that will require someone to attend the practice will be changed, so we'll only be seeing the most serious problems. We'll try and deal with the other problems by telephone or online advice - so just get in touch if there's a problem and we'll see how we can help.

Remember, most orthodontic braces can be left on the teeth for many months without serious problems but don't forget the regular fundamental brace advice:

  • Great Oral Hygiene - brushing, using the interdental brush and floss to clean between teeth and around the braces, and combine with a fluoride mouthrinse, 
  • Low Sugar Diet - that includes diet fizzy drinks without sugar, as they are very acidic. Read the labels on your food for added sugar and hidden sugar and avoid sweets between meals. I know it's very tempting to guzzle loads of sweets while you're sitting at home during the day, but it's not good for the teeth.
  • Avoid hard and sticky food - that can break the brace or attach to it and damage the teeth or gums

If you're wearing elastics, make sure your hands are super clean when taking them in and out. If you can't be sure of this, then stop wearing the elastics. Also, stop wearing the elastics on the day we were meant to see you for a review appointment. We will get around to seeing every one and can advise if you need to resume the elastics or wear them differently.

Lost a retainer - we can't arrange to see you in person, but here's a temporary solution. It's not ideal, but may be the best plan under the circumstances. Online order a boil-and-fit sports mouthguard. You won't use it for avoiding damage to the teeth so you don't need a thick one. Then heat it up as instructed and press it firm against the teeth to mould it tight against the teeth. This wasn't what it was made to do, so it won't be as exact a fit as a regular retainer, but it might stop the teeth moving too much until we see you next.

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