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Dentistry in the movies 2013

Orthodontics in the movies:

I see that everyone's favourite one-eyed, green furry monster, Mike Wazowski is wearing orthodontic braces in the new Monsters University movie! Two things to note here:

  1. modern orthodontic braces can be a lot less noticeable than Mike's - at Swords Orthodontics we'd offer coloured, or tooth coloured, or invisible (including ones where the teeth have the braces on the inside of your mouth) orthodontics
  2. when we meet up with Mike again in Monsters Inc, he doesn't appear to be weaing a retainer. Now, maybe technology in Monster-land has improved, and retainers aren't visible anymore, or maybe he's just wearing them when he's not appearing in any of the scenes of the movie, but I still advise all my patients to wear retainers for as long as they want to keep the result. And for even the happiest monster, that still means "night time for a lifetime".


Stephen Murray


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