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Wedding Prep

Planning a wedding

Wedding season is here! As I am getting married this May I thought I would share my top tips for brides to be:


  • Don’t stress/worry what others think: Do what suits you best. I am sometimes a people pleaser and unfortunately, we can’t please everyone. In the end everything will work out so what makes you and your groom happy. Weddings are stressful enough as it is so enjoy the planning and don’t stress.
  • Dress shopping: I would highly recommend visiting a few bridal stores before saying ‘’ yes’’ to the dress. Sometimes you can get caught up in the excitement and say yes to a dress and after purchasing can regret it. So my advise is to take your time and visit more than one shop before picking your special dress.
  • Skin prep: Every bride wants that radiant glow on her wedding day. I was never amazing at looking after my skin so I booked myself in for a skin consultation with the skin boutique and the lovely staff set me up with a skin routine and some facials before the big day.
  • Your smile: I recommend keeping on top of your teeth hygiene before the big day. Regular cleans are a must and if you want that Hollywood smile a little bit of teeth whitening. Your teeth are so important- you want them to look their absolute best for all those pictures J
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