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Movember Day Seven

Wow, Movember is zipping along - almost a week into it now.

I don't have a photo of today's progress, as I am not at base in Swords Orthodontics, but have headed to Limerick for the Orthodontic Society of Ireland (OSI) autumn conference and AGM.

This is the biggest event on the Irish Orthodontic calendar- usually - and this year sees the return of the UK's legendary orthodontic double act, David Birnie and Nigel Harradine delivering the Excellence In Orthodontics 2013 presentation.

This is a review of the scientific evidence and clinical experiences of various areas of orthodontics and it's a major fixture in European orthodontics and is usually updated and delivered every year. The first time I went to it was 1999, and it was well established then.

Having a body of scientific evidence is important in what we do, because an orthodontist can make their decisions using knowledge that thousands of others have investigated, challenged, scrutinised and ultimately accepted.

And here's some new Movember heroes:

Movember Motivation for Stephen Murray at Swords Orthodontics

Today: ZZ Top,
Sharp dressed men


How many wet Sunday afternoons were brightened up by these guys and Vincent Hanley on MT USA?

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