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New Year, new me....

Swords Orthodontics goes to Run A Muck

The fitness industry seems to keep growing and growing. More and more people seem to want to ‘get into shape’ – especially in January after the Christmas period. Personal trainers are all over your feeds on Facebook, Instagram and gym gear is everywhere in site! Every individual person has their own way of doing this, be it going to the gym with a friend, paying for a PT or cleaning up your diet and exercising a bit more. I am no personal trainer nor do I work in the fitness industry but here are a few quick tips I would do that might help with your fitness journey;


  • Prepare your meals

Preparation is key, especially if you work full time and have other commitments/hobbies during the week. Preparing your meals for the following day will help you avoid any food binges midweek saving a little treat day for you on the weekend!


  • Get enough sleep

Sleep helps you fight food cravings, reduces stress and can enhance your physical activity. Therefore, the amount of sleep you get may just be as important as your exercise and diet. Adults needs between 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night to perform at their best! Personally, I can barely function without my sleep and I can definitely feel when I haven’t got enough hour’s sleep.


  • Keep track, if it helps you

A food diary or an app on your phone is always good to keep on track. I personally like to keep track of what I am eating, for me this is to avoid over consuming on my food - I understand this is not for everyone and that is fine, like I said every person has their own way of doing things. I find MyFitnessPal is a very good app and can help you to keep track of what you are eating more accurately than a food diary.


Never heard of MyFitnessPal? Why not learn more about it and see if it fits in with your fitness regime? I have copied a link below!




  • Find yourself an enjoyable workout

I know – working out for most people isn’t enjoyable, but after a few weeks you will feel better, healthier and may even start seeing results! This is when your workouts will go from being a chore and will become more enjoyable! Find a workout that suits you and your goals. If you are struggling why not do a personal training session to help you make a workout that suits you.


  • Go walking

On your ‘rest days’ why not go for a walk – be it a 30 minute or 10-minute walk. It is also good to clear your head after a stressful day/week. Get your steps, every little helps!


  • Take photos

Taking progress photos for me are key, especially when I’m having a really bad week and feel I have made no progress. Little differences you may not notice on a daily basis speak volumes in a progress photo – giving you more motivation and just giving you that little kick to keep you on track!


  • Be kind to yourself

I find this very hard – especially with so many people comparing themselves to others on social media. Set yourself realistic goals to achieve and focus on creating a healthy lifestyle and not just a ‘quick fix diet’. Consistency is key and it won’t just happen overnight. Have patience and don’t be too hard on yourself! Don’t compare yourself to others just try and be the best version of you. It doesn't matter how fast you're going as long as you're moving – Don’t give up the beginning is always the hardest!



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