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17 Main St, Swords, Co Dublin, Ireland

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How Swords Orthodontics can help you and your patients

Do you have a patient that would like a nicer smile? Do they need orthodontics to improve the smile, or the occlusion, or would orthodontics help you do better restorations for them if their teeth were better aligned or positioned?

We can look after your patients, and they’ll thank you for letting us do it

If you have a patient that could benefit from orthodontics, then we can help you. Swords Orthodontics is a long established specialist orthodontic practice with an experienced team of staff supporting a registered specialist orthodontist.

We usually keep space in the diary for new patients, so we can usually see a new referral within a few days if that’s convenient for them.

Whether it’s a big or small problem, in a child or adult, we have the experience, skills and resources to treat it.

  • Diagnostic resources: digital OPT and cephalometric radiographs, measuring instruments and software
  • Clinical resources: comprehensive selection of instruments, bracket systems, wires, auxilliary appliances
  • Laboratory resources: on-site laboratory for production of appliances in-house, which allows great communication between clinician and technician for precise prescription and fabrication of appliances and speedy provision for your patients.
  • Networking and knowledge resources: with a strong emphasis on continuing professional development, our staff regularly updates and builds on their specialist skills. They also are part of a wider network of orthodontic specialists and have access to ideas, information and advice from journals, meetings, conferences, courses, informal discussions with colleagues – at home and internationally.


Your Local Orthodontist

We’re local, right in the middle of Swords village – easy to get to from all over North Dublin. Since orthodontics tends to go on for multiple visits, and sometimes over many years if your patients need interceptive treatment in the mixed dentition and we see the patients early, then your patients or their parents will save a lot in terms of time and money by staying in the area compared to travelling across the border.

Working with you

Since we see patients frequently, we’re well positioned to see if they need other, unrelated, dental treatment, and can encourage routine reviews with their own dentists. If an orthodontic treatment plan requires knowing the prognosis of certain teeth, we’ll be in touch to discuss that, and if a patient hasn’t attended their own dentist in a while, we’ll ask them to get a general dental review before we begin orthodontics.

We respect our colleagues and work hard on clear communication with them – so you can expect us to get in touch at the various significant points in a patient’s treatment. We are also quick to direct a patient back to you if they need restorations, oral hygiene instruction or perio treatment, or other dental treatment, such as extractions if the orthodontic plan indicates it. If we feel we need to send a patient to their doctor, or another specialist for something, we’ll let you know.

Referring a patient

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch - the phone number is at top of the page here. We can discuss a referral by phone, or you can ask us to send you some referral forms, or you can just download a form from the link below, print it out, fill it in and send it off to us. We’re usually able to see new patients within a few days.

Refer your patients to us by filling out the simple form below.

Dentist Referral Form