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Protect your smile with a mouthguard!

You might have heard that the GAA have made it compulsory to wear mouth protection when playing Gaelic sports, and I think that in the future people will look back at this as one of the great landmarks in advancing Dental Health - and it wasn't done by a government policy, it's a voluntary organisation that's big enough to have a national influence and popular enough that people will accept its rules.

Swords Orthodontics were fortunate to have Harold Everton take a break from his tough training schedule to give us a special message about gum shields. If you play ANY contact sport you should wear a mouth guard. Boxing, kick boxing, martial arts, GAA, American football, hockey etc - if you're liable to get an impact on your mouth, a few millimetres of plastic can save a lifetime of dental frustration with broken or missing teeth.

Oh, and wearing a helmet for your sport doesn't always mean your teeth are safe!

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