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Halloween and Brace care

With Halloween just over two weeks away it’s very important not to forget your oral hygiene and brace care. For children with a brace or dental appliance I’m sure all they are thinking about right now is what costume they are going to wear and how many sweets they are going to get and eat. We always tell our patients and parents at the start of treatment what foods to avoid as they can cause the brace to come loose or brake. Now most of these foods to avoid are hard and sticky sweets and of course patients will have more of these then usual with it being Halloween.

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What is a Crossbite?

The two crossbites we see the most here at Swords Orthodontics are Incisor crossbites and Molar crossbites.

Incisor crossbite before

Incisor crossbite after

Is it common? The rate of anterior crossbite is 4 to 5 percent according to the Contemporary Clinical Dentistry Journal (2013)

Causes: Usually developmental, but could be as a result of trauma/injury

Presents as/What to look for: The upper front teeth (incisors) sit behind the lower front teeth

Complications: The result of an Incisor crossbite is a bad bite also referred to as malocclusion. This means the teeth are not meeting correctly and that the bite is misaligned. This can result in ...

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What is a Rapid Maxillary Expander?

As a dental nurse here at Swords Orthodontics, I've seen alot of young children come through our doors with their parents looking for an Orthodontic opinion about their teeth. Many of which present with a narrow upper jaw (maxilla) compared to their lower jaw (mandible). There is a orthodontic interceptive method to help correct this called a Rapid Maxillary Expander (RME). I get asked questions about it a lot by parents and patients so I decided to write a blog post about it.


Narrow arch before RME

Narrow arch with the RME in

Narrow arch after RME and fixed ...

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Dentistry in the movies 2013

Orthodontics in the movies:

I see that everyone's favourite one-eyed, green furry monster, Mike Wazowski is wearing orthodontic braces in the new Monsters University movie! Two things to note here:

  1. modern orthodontic braces can be a lot less noticeable than Mike's - at Swords Orthodontics we'd offer coloured, or tooth coloured, or invisible (including ones where the teeth have the braces on the inside of your mouth) orthodontics
  2. when we meet up with Mike again in Monsters Inc, he doesn't appear to be weaing a retainer. Now, maybe technology in Monster-land has improved, and retainers aren't visible anymore, or maybe he's just wearing them when he's not appearing in any of the scenes ...

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