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Movember 24th

Movember's 3/4 of the way through!

Should I keep the moustache running after Movember comes to an end? Maybe not, but there's only a week to go - less, just 6 days.

Movember continues with Penhaligon's moustache wax for Dr Stephen Murray at Swords Orthodontics

Penhaligon's Moustache Wax is helping keep the Dr Murray Mo in order.

I'm finishing up in London after a great orthodontics conference on dealing with narrow jaws, impacted teeth, small jaws and big overbites (which us orthodontists call overjets, but TV shows always call overbites for some reason). Back to Swords Ortho tomorrow and we've only a few weeks to run before Christmas. This will be a very busy time for the practice with lots of people getting their braces off before Christmas - we've been working hard to get people squeezed into the appointment books and the retainer-making machine well warmed up!

More photos of my own Mo in the week ahead, but since we've only a few days left for Movember I figured we'd have to pull out the stops and wheel out some premier league facial hair for our motivation Mo-bros this week, so here's one you'll all recognise.

Movermber inspiration doesn't let up for Dr Murray of Swords Orthodontics, day 24

Today: Freddie Mercury, a kind of magician.

He will, he will, rock you.

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