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6 tips for getting back on track

6 tips for getting back on track after a bank holiday weekend

The dreaded Tuesday after a bank holiday weekend is one we all struggle with. Getting back into the routine of our work week can be hard after that extra day of relaxation so here are some tips on how to motivate yourself.

1: Do a spring clean. Being in a clean tidy environment can help clear your mind and help you get your mind back in shape for the work week ahead.

2: Eat good food. After all the treats from the weekend that we allow ourselves it is good to fill our body’s with fruit and veggies while also naturally detoxing and getting rid of all the bad food. This will make you feel better and more energetic as well.

3: Get some fresh air. Try getting up and getting out for 30 minutes of fresh air by either bringing the kids to the park or the dogs for a walk or even throwing on some music and enjoying the scenery. This will wake your body up and clear your mind.

4: Prep your lunches and dinner for the week ahead. While eating good food has it benefits, prepping your work lunches/dinners can make you feel like you’re ahead of the game and also stops you spending unnecessary money after a big weekend.

5: Set yourself some goals for the week. Goals are great to keep you motivated week to week. Working towards something like a personal goal uplifts your mood and keep your mind focused.

6: Have a pamper session before going back to work: we all love to be pampered, so having a relaxing bath, doing a face mask or even getting into a new pair of pjs before bed can improve your mood by helping to relax you and adds to you having a better sleep leaving you refreshed and well rested the following morning.

Taking some of the above steps can get your mind and body back on track and have you feeling refreshed and energised ready to take on the week ahead.


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