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Do you play sports?....... YES, therefore, you will want to take effective measures to protect your teeth. 

With sports, especially contact sports such as rugby, hurling and boxing mouth injuries are a high risk – chipped or broken teeth are a high risk. It is so important for anyone who plays contact sport whether you wear braces or not to wear a gum shield.


Do you need a special gumshield for braces?

Yes. It’s important that you don’t pick up a regular gumshield if you wear braces. You should consult with your Orthodontist who will advise you on the correct gumshield for your needs.

We offer our patients who have just got their braces on a universal gumshield that is designed to fit over the brace. Gumshields for braces usually provide more room than regular gumshield while ensuring the same effective level of protection. They offer extra width to cover your braces.

 At the end of treatment if a patient still requires a gumshield we make a custom made gumshield in a colour of their choice.


A few tips on how to look after your gumshield

  • Gumshield can be rinsed with cold water or with a mouth rinse before and after each use

  • Place Gumshields in your retainer box (given by Orthodontist) or a small lunch box to keep it safe

  • Occasionally check the gumshield for general wear, if you find holes or tears in it or if it becomes loose or causes discomfort, replace it or if it was made by your Orthodontist / Dentist make an appointment to have it looked at.

Remember, stay safe and have fun guys!

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