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Swords Orthodontics Top 10 of 2014: Seven

Our new technician Bogdan joins Swords Orthodontics!

Also in the middle of the year, our long serving orthodontic technician Brian left to set up his own business so the hunt was on to find a suitable person to run our on-site ortho laboratory. The great advantage for our patients is that with an on-site lab is that we can provide retainers, repairs and adjustments in a very short time. This is particularly helpful if we want to complete someone’s treatment and take their braces off and then fit retainers a few hours later so there’s less chance of teeth moving and less disruption to our patients (and their parents) – we know you all lead busy lives, so if we can save you having to take an extra days off work or school then we should do that.

Bogdan has graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a degree in dental technology and he was particularly interested in orthodontic braces  - which is a bit unusual as more technicians tend to be attracted towards making crowns, bridges, dentures and various forms of artificial teeth. Bogdan is always keen to find out new ways of doing things and ways of improving the appliances and devices he makes for our patients. He's also very good at negotiating good deals from our suppliers, so it helps keep our costs down, which is helping us maintain our low cost for orthodontic braces for over 5 years now.

As well as being an ace technician, Bogdan is a serious martial arts expert and speaks half a dozen languages.

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As part of Phase One of the National Reopening, Swords Orthodontics is now resuming routine orthodontic treatment.
There will be a few differences in how we do this specifically to deal with coronavirus, but you'll still be getting great orthodontic treatment.
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