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Homemade water mat sensory toy for babies

Homemade water mat sensory toy for babies

Sensory toys are perfect for both children and adults and their development. Sensory toys offer the opportunity for children to get engaged and explore their surroundings which is essential to their brain development. Children that are involved in sensory play, engage their senses which helps them develop their ability to grasp concepts and retain information, acquire gross motor skills, and enhance social interactions. When I had my little boy in July, we both attended sensory classes every week and I felt it was a huge benefit to both myself and Harry. (I’ll leave her site below for anyone interested in looking into them) Sensory toys don’t need to be a huge expense or even shop bought – here is a DIY water mat idea I got from attending the class that might come in handy for your new-born.

Things you’ll need;

  • Two sheets of lamination paper (you can get these in a pound shop such as dealz for €1.50 for 10 sheets)
  • A hair straightener
  • Small arts supplies such as glitter, little gems (you could also get these in a pound shop)
  • Food dye (any colour or a few different colours in your weekly food shop)
  • Water

How to do it;

Start off by taking two laminating sheets and putting them together, seal the bottom and two sides of the laminating sheets using a straightener leaving the top open to put in the accessories and water in. Once the three sides are sealed place whatever supplies into the lamination pouch, (glitter, gems, etc) Once they are in the pouch add some water – remember not to fill it too much maybe ¾ full. Add in the food dye to the water. Seal the top of the pouch with the straighter and enjoy! Great for tummy time for the little one.


https://www.babysensory.ie/ - The link for sensory classes!


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