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Are you Going on holiday? This is what you will need!

It can take a bit of time to get used to wearing braces and they may irritate the mouth and gums at first.  However taking care of your own teeth or your child’s teeth and mouth and getting them to care for their braces - whilst you’re travelling should be simple with these handy essentials:

  • A travel toothbrush
  • Dental floss or inter Dental brushes - waxed floss might be easier to get between teeth and less likely to break when working around your braces.
  • Orthodontic wax to help ease irritation inside the mouth - this can be provided by your orthodontist – Its always a good idea to take lots of this with you on holiday especially while you are travelling abroad in case of any breakages or sharp edges. It can usually ease any bother for a short while before we get you back in to have the brace repaired!
  • Travel-sized mouthwash
  • A small mirror so that they can fix any issues ( we usually provide this with our patient care pack at the start of treatment )
  • A waterproof bag to keep all the items so that you can bring them wherever you go – even at the beach! The care pack provided at the beginning of treatment is a great option for a travel bag.

Despite being a relaxed break for them or yourself it’s so important to ensure you or your child is maintaining a proper dental routine over the summer, especially when you’re on holiday and you may not be able to get the orthodontic care you need straight away. So keep these items on your packing list and have a great time!


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