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Seven Orthodontic Toasts #2 Our Teams

The Second Orthodontic Toast: Our Teams

In various navies, the classic second toast of the week is “Our Men”.

Over the years this has modified to “Our Sailors”. In the dental world this is the team members that make our practices perform the way they do. This is a work force that is predominantly female. Given that from now on, 50% or more of new dentists are female (I don’t have a reference for that, sorry), it means that the present and future of dentistry should be much more female than its normal representation in media or fiction.


Including student years, I’ve been in dentistry for over 30 years and it’s only a few months ago I first worked with a male dental nurse. Regardless of age or gender, these are the people that make it happen. I am so grateful to my own team for their values, motivation, initiative, attention to detail and compassion and thoughtfulness when it comes to the patients and each other. I thank my good fortune to be blessed with such a crew.

Raise your cups so…..

“Our Teams”

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