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Germ Warfare: Infection Control at Swords Orthodontics

Here at Swords Orthodontics, we take infection control seriously. You'll see handwashing posters up, separate bins for clinical and non clinical waste, and patients wear protective glasses during treatment.

Washer Disinfector helps infection control at Swords Orthodontics

An autoclave kills off the germs at Swords OrthodonticsWe also don't reuse or recycle orthodontic appliances that have been fixed in someone's mouth or used to treat another patient, and much of the stuff we do use is disposable/single use only.

Just following on from yesterday's blog about the Military Exhibition in Swords earlier this month, where the practice got some new protective spectacles for staff and patients, I thought I'd share a strange dental fact about a dental usage for something that was originally planned for military use.

Most of the protocols for killing germs so that our instruments are sterilised after every use were determined by a germ warfare laboratory during the Cold War, and are well beyond the conditions required to kill every bacteria known to science.

At Swords Orthodontics we use a combination of washing, disinfecting and autoclaving (sterilising) to ensure that our orthodontic instruments are in top condition for patient treatment.

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