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Team Building, Swords Orthodontics Style

Taking aim at the Swords Orthodontics Team Building Day, June 2014

Swords Orthodontics organised a team building day for dentists and staff from 4 local practices on 7th June 2014. We had ten participants and the location was the Xtreme.ie centre near Balbriggan. The day consisted of various activities, mainly involving being acutely aware of the force of gravity. We began with an archery competition, which was clearly won by Dr Tim Callen of Skerries Dental, despite the best efforts of Dr Stephen Murray from Swords Ortho.

Dr Tim Callen of Skerries Dental laughs at danger during the Swords Orthodontics Team Building EventMichelle from Swords Orthodontics gets airborne to show us how it's done

Then we put on our harnesses and helmets and headed up to the high wire course. There were smiles, tears, laughs and screams as we worked our way around a variety of obstacles and balancing challenges many metres above solid ground. This ended with The Leap Of Faith, where you have to throw yourself off the last platform and grab a handle hanging in mid air in order to complete the course and get back down again.

Handy advice during the Swords Orthodontics Team Building Day at Xtreme.ieGravity V Dental Practice Manager at Swords Orthodontics Team Building Day at Xtreme.ie - who do you think won?

We got back down in speedy time with a 150m zip wire slide, bringing back childhood memories of the Krypton Factor, then climbed up again to come down even faster on a free fall wire that slows you down just at the last fraction of a second.

The teams assemble at Swords Orthodontics Team Building Day at Xtreme.ie

We rounded it all off with a hearty lunch and chat about the day's adventures. We all agreed it was great to move out of the normal boundaries of our comfort zones, and even though some of the group were terrified at some of the challenges, everyone kept going.

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