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Top 12 Famous Belgians

Rounding up my thoughts from my course in Brussels, I have a few extra photos of a strangely influential city.

The Grand Palace in Brussels

Here's the Belgian Grand Palace, where 100 years ago this summer, King Albert made the decision not to allow the German Kaiser to transport his troops through Belgium. Albert left the palace, walked across the gardens to the parliament and informed them of his decision, which essentially began the First World War.

Belgium is famous for its chocolate, orthodontics patients beware!

Belgium is a legendary producer of luxury chocolate, and the location of the world's first praline chocolates.

Did I mention Belgian chocolate? This stuff is not good for teeth!

More spectacular chocolates!

Despite a reputation for being a bit unremarkable, Belgium does have a quirky side to it.

The Grand Square in Brussels. All in all, a great venue for an orthodontics conference

The Grand Square in Brussels. Very impressive and another reason why this is a great city for an orthodontics conference.

And finally, nothing much to do with Orthodontics, but here's a list of famous Belgians:

  1. Dr Evil, graduate of Evil Medical School and arch nemesis of Austin Powers
  2. Jean Claude Van Damme, action hero
  3. Audrey Hepburn, a Fair Lady at UNICEF
  4. Herge, illustrator and creator of Tintin
  5. Hercule Poirot, detective and facial hair icon
  6. Peyo, the man responsible for the Smurfs
  7. Jacques Brel, legendary chansonnier
  8. Django Reinhardt, jazz guitarist
  9. Eddy Merckx, cycling legend
  10. Adolphe Sax, the man who invented the Saxophone
  11. Plastic Bertrand, 70s one hit wonder (Ca Plein Pour Moi)
  12. Stella Artois, cleverly advertised beverage



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