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Haarlem Globetrotter

Movember is nearly over, my Mo has one more day to go!


Well, I might extend it a little as I am away at the biennial Netherlands meeting on surgical orthodontics - the BSSO. This is an area of orthodontics that connects with oral and facial surgery to treat some of the more extreme problems with teeth and jaws, usually in situations where the teeth don't actually meet correctly because there is a problem with the skeleton of the face, and moving the teeth alone with orthodontics wouldn't be enough to get a great result. This is mainly just done for adults, who have practically stopped all their facial growth.

With the advances in modern orthodontics the scope of orthodontic treatment has increased and for some patients, surgery isn't needed to get a great result as often as it used to be, but for others things aren't going to go well with just orthodontic braces.

The conference is in Haarlem, a classic-looking Dutch town with cobblestone streets and tall narrow buildings around a big market square. It probably hasn't changed in centuries. 

It's all connected.

The most famous Harlem is the one in New York, and New York used to be called New Amsterdam before the Dutch traded it to the UK. I stayed a few blocks away from Harlem's landmark 110th St earlier this year when I was in New York to visit one of the world's top Invisalign practices. This was just after the AAO (the huge American Association of Orthodontists conference).

And we have a new Mo-bro hero too.

Movember is almost over for Stephen Murray of Swords Orthodontics

Today: Sir Sean Connery,

The man who would be King (Arthur/Richard I/Agamemnon)

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