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Tips for having Braces on During the Easter Break

Easter is a great holiday full of Easter egg hunts, delicious treats, and family time. You don’t want to put a dampener on your day by suffering problems with your braces or Orthodontic appliances, do you? We are happy to help you avoid any problems as much as possible over Easter. Here are some top tips to help you keep your braces safe while also enjoying the Easter fun: - Keep well away from chewy and sticky sweets or crunchy hard chocolate treats: Chewy, sticky crunchy and hard sweet treats can break your appliance by knocking the brackets off the teeth and even bending the wires causing inconvenience for both you and...

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There's a new video up on Swords Ortho TV

Our YouTube channel has a lot of Swords Ortho videos on it - some are plain silly, but most are there to help you get the best results from your treatment and the best experience on the way there. Today's addition is a very useful chat from Courtney on how to look after your braces once you have them on - and your teeth. Please come back to this video often for ideas, because until this coronavirus is sorted out, we can't be spending too much time in a small demonstration room talking about tooth brushing - but there's plenty of space on the internet to safely have this chat. There...

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Coronavirus response Update

Just a brief update on Swords Orthodontics and our part in the national Covid-19 response We remain closed for routine orthodontic treatment, but we are still answering emails, and checking the voicemails through out the day. Deliveries to the practice will be accepted by the small crew remaining in the practice while the rest of the team works from home and we will be looking after patients in pain or who have serious problems with their orthodontic treatment as appropriate. But it's not just about teeth. Given the severity of the problem that Ireland and countries right around the world, it's important to us to contribute to keeping our patients and their...

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You can't out-train a bad diet

You can't out train a bad diet It's a phrase I picked up on an exercise video on YouTube, but I imagine the idea has been there for a long time before the internet was with us. A few weeks ago I bought some airport-sized Toblerone bars for the team at Swords Ortho (don't tell the dentistry police). The ladies of Swords Orthodontics are particularly fond of white Toblerone, but for a bit of variety I got a mild chocolate/coconut one as well. It's a practice rule that I am forbidden to tell anyone what the calorie count is for a single triangle of this Swiss marvel. I can tell the blog readers...

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Orthodontic Conversations: Week 33 "Why do my braces break?"

Stephen: "hi there, how are you getting on?" Patient: "great." S: "Any problems with your brace since last time?" P: "No" S: "Great. So I'll just have a look and do today's adjustment" P: "Oh, one of my brackets came off though" S: "Were you eating hard food at the time?" P: "No" S: "It just came off out of the blue?" P: "Well, I was chewing on a piece of rubber that I found" When we put braces on people's teeth, Swords Ortho gives them all sorts of advice on how to take care of them for best results and we give our patients a goodie bag of tooth cleaning stuff, but we can't think of every eventuality that people might...

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Taking care of your teeth and gums is essential to your health.  Plaque, which is a sticky, colourless film of bacteria, can build up on the teeth and cause significant problems, particularly when it hardens into calculus. This can lead to issues like holes in the teeth, gingivitis, decay, gum disease and bad breath. This is why it’s so important to have an excellent oral health care routine! Here are some tips for maintaining excellent care of your teeth and gums: BRUSH YOUR TEETH! It is recommended that teeth are brushed twice a day for two minutes. Changing your brush regularly too is essential, usually, a toothbrush should be changed every three or four...

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