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Sensitive Dentist Awards

Swords Orthodontics wins tweet of the night at Sensodyne Senstive Dentist Awards

Well Swords Orthodontics started the year at an awards ceremony, and we ended the year at another. This time it was the IDA-Sensodyne Sensitve Dentist awards. This is voted for by patients of a particular dentist, and there are two awards - one for Ireland's most sensitive dentist and one for the most sensitive dental team.

Swords Orthodontics with their prize champage at the Senstive Dentistry Awards.Right to Left: Bogdan, Donnchadh, Martina, Michelle, Brenda, Courtney, Gemma

Swords Orthodontics was a finalist for the most sensitive team, and Stephen Murray was a finalist for the most sensitive dentist. Although we didn't win, the ultimate winner turned out to have a Swords Ortho connection - Danny Collins from Docklands Dental is married to our oral surgeon, Marie O'Neill!

Swords Orthodontics at Sensodyne - IDA Sensitive Dentistry Awards
Right to left: Bogdan, Gemma, Martina, Michelle, Stephen, Courtney, Marie, Brenda Donnchadh
Which way up is best? Swords Ortho and the winning tweet!

The awards were held at the RDS Library and the compere was Joe Duffy from RTE, who appeared to be very impressed by the winners and their compassion for their patients.

Swords Orthodontics and the winning tweet at the Sensodyne Sensitive Dentist Awards

There was a surprise consolation for us though - we did win a magnum of champange for the best tweet of the night - a photo of the team from Swords Ortho dressed up for the event.

Let's hope 2017 is a great year for the practice and our patients.

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