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Movember XIII

Movember 13

Some Mo -progress from today, and a surprise late entry from another part of the Swords Orthodontics team - one of our storage heaters has joined in and practically overnight acquired a magnificent moustache the envy of any Belgian detective!

Dr Stephen Murray of Swords Orthodontics supports Movember, day 13

But shock and horror, the storage heater has been growing a 'tache in secret and unveiled this monster mo this morning. Puts us all to shame!

Swords Orthodontics storage heater powers ahead of Dr Stephen Murray in Movember with its own moustache

And a new inspiration Mo Bro...


Movember inspiration for Dr Stephen Murray of Swords Orthodontics, day thirteen

Today: Terry Thomas. I say! Ding dong!

Until tomorrow, old chap, toodle pip!


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