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Conversations: week 36 Information Technology. And parsley sauce

Steve: This computer isn’t working well, can we call iPing for some IT help?


Team member:  Can you work on the other computer? The guys at iPing are going to look into the slow computer.

Steve: Excellent


Team member: Stephen, did you record Masterchef on this computer?

Steve: huh?

Team member: Well, it turns out that the computer wasn’t working well because it was full of old episodes of Masterchef, and that was filling up the memory and slowing it down.

Steve: and the obvious suspect was….me? How old? When did this happen?

Team member: 2011

Not guilty (though I did have a meal at a wedding in 2007 at a restaurant run by a Masterchef finalist), but the conclusion is that if you're a small business and you want computers running well, it’s probably not a great idea to load hours of video on them and never look at it again for the best part of a decade. And if you're in Dublin and you can't manage that, give iPing a call (01 524 1350 and their web is iping.ie) - they've looked after our IT requirements for many years now and get things sorted pretty fast.

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