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The Next Chapter

College: the next chapter

Completing your leaving certificate is a great achievement and you should be proud of yourself. The summer after your leaving certificate is always a great one for having fun now you don’t have to worry about studying and exams, but college is just around the corner and it can feel very different and daunting for some people, so here are some tips to help you go into your next chapter as a college student.


Always be friendly

Remember there may be some people who have a group of friends going to the same college and there may be people who have one friend who may not be taking the same classes and there may be people who have no friends at that college. So always be friendly, we can always do with some new friends.

Welcome the change

College is very different to school, a different routine completely, it gives you a sense of freedom while studying what you wish and may seem very strange at the start, but if you are willing to welcome and adapt to the change with open arms it may be easier for you to get used too.

Stay focused

College is not like school in the sense that your lecturers will not be as strict as your teachers. It is important to stay focused and always push yourself to do the best you can, after all you are doing this for yourself and nobody else.

Have fun

A great benefit of going to college is the social side of it. There will always be some sort of social activity going on somewhere. Weither it be table quiz’s or parties or fundraisers, you are bound to find a social event most nights of the week. Try and get to some of them as they are a great way to say social and make new friends while having fun!

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