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Princess Diana and Me

What does Stephen Murray and Princess Diana have in common?   Yesterday I blogged about Princess Diana and The Crown and on the one occasion that she came to visit the place where I worked we didn't stop to go and look at her, but I forgot one piece of trivia. And I don't mean that the percussionist on Song for Guy was also occasionally the drummer for The Wombles.* So what does Stephen Murray, principal orthodontist at Swords Orthodontics have in common with Diana Princess of Wales? I might leave the question hang there for a few days and offer a prize to someone who gets it right. More anon, but till then, watch this space.   *Ray Cooper. More often...

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Swords Orthodontics Top 10 of 2014:Two

Specialist Oral Surgeon Dr Marie O'Neill joins Swords Orthodontics This was a great development for the practice, and for the local area in general - we expanded our specialist dental services by adding an oral surgeon to our team here. Dr Marie O'Neill qualified with an Honours degree in Dentistry, and then consolidated her enthusiasm for oral surgery by completing the specialist training programme in Trinity College Dublin. She is now on the Dental Council's relatively exclusive list (they call it "The Register") of specialist oral surgeons. An oral surgeon is a dentist that has completed extra postgraduate training and passed extra exams recognised by the Dental Council. They have special expertise in...

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Swords Orthodontics Top 10 of 2014: Eight

Michelle starts Orthodontic Therapist Training In the middle of the year, Swords Orthodontics was delighted and honoured to be part of Ireland’s first ever training programme for orthodontic therapists. This is intended to prepare team members to actually carry out treatment on patients with the supervision of an orthodontist. To make the selection, there were tough interviews for both Michelle and Dr Murray, and a mystery practical test for Michelle. In addition to the interviews to see if the trainee was suitable, and if the orthodontist was suitable to be a trainer, there was also a rigorous practice inspection to see if the practice was suitably run and equipped to train. The visitation...

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